Aladdin Jafar Limited Edition Maquette by Kent Melton (1992) - ID: aug22050

Aladdin Jafar Limited Edition Maquette by Kent Melton (1992) - ID: aug22050 Walt Disney





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10.5"x7"x14" tall
Price: $1,500.00
SKU: aug22050

A limited edition maquette inspired by the Disney Studios animated film "Aladdin" (1992). Featuring the wicked and conniving Jafar, the gorgeous maquette was re-created using Disney's original mold sculpted by Kent Melton. The originals were used by animators during the production of the film as a reference tool to ensure consistency to the look and feel of the character. The limited edition maquette was released in an edition of only 500 pieces and was cast in resin and painted by the famous Walt Disney Ink and Paint Department. Measuring 10.5"x7" and a whopping 14" tall, the maquette is in fine condition and comes in it's original shipping box which includes the original packing materials.

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