Precious Pupp Layout Drawing - ID: febprecious9438

Precious Pupp Layout Drawing - ID: febprecious9438 Hanna Barbera

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5" x 9.5"
Price: $125.00
SKU: febprecious9438

An original layout drawing from the Hanna Barbera animated series, "Precious Pupp" (1965-1967). Featuring a fantastic illustration of a racecar driving villain and his pit stop henchman, the graphite drawing was created at the studio and used during the animation process of the episode titled "Doggone Dognapper" which aired on October 9, 1965. Measuring 10.5"x12.5" overall, with the character image measuring 5"x9.5", the drawing is in good condition with page discoloration, a stain on the henchman character, dimpling and wrinkling throughout.

The third image shown is a screen grab from the scene that this drawing was used to create, it is for reference only and is not an actual physical print included with the drawing.

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